Welcome to NFTWars

The world where you can play with all NFTs.

What is NFTWars?

Adds gameplay to NFTs effortlessly.
  • P2E card game playable on multi-chain NFT
  • Raise awareness among NFT projects
  • Operation and development achievement from one of Japan's largest BCG & TCG
  • Sustainable return of profits to NFT creators
Allows NFTs of various titles in the user wallet to be played in TCG Verse card games. The titles available in NFT Wars will be in a governance whitelist format. When your NFT becomes a card, all NFTs are randomly given parameters according to the prescribed logic. No single NFT is the same in TCGVerse.

Challenges for NFT projects

  • Declines in users, fans
  • Declines in community
  • Maintaining sustainable user incentives
  • Lack of utility in issued NFTs
  • Cold market conditions
  • Securing revenue sources aside from secondary distribution fees.
  • Limitations of PR advertising space, etc.

What we can solve

  • Add gaming utility with play to earn elements to the NFT project.
  • Sustainable return of profits to NFT creators
  • Potential to attract new fans through collaboration
  • Revitalization of community through user-generated content


(1)Aiming for a world where all NFTs can be played with.

Currently, many NFT projects, including collectibles, are thriving, but many of the NFTs being issued have no utility. Therefore, many NFTs are likely to lose value if the community declines. NFT Wars is a white-list format, play-to-earn card game that can be played with multi-chain NFTs. We aim for a world where you can play with every NFT you own!

(2) Realization of sustainable return of profits to NFT creators NFT Wars aims for "sustainable return of profits to NFT creators and projects.

Currently, NFT projects can only earn revenue from secondary distribution fees when primary sales are completed. On the other hand, for NFT for fans of the content, repeated speculative resale is not desirable for either the fans or the project. Therefore, fan-oriented NFT projects need to build a revenue source other than secondary distribution commissions.
With NFT Wars, every time an NFT-owning user plays a game and earns a Play to Earn reward, the NFT project also receives a Play to Earn reward. This creates a model that allows NFT holders to sustainably return revenue to NFT creators without secondary distribution.
①全てのNFTで遊べる世界を目指す 現在、コレクタブルなど多くのNFTプロジェクトが盛り上がっていますが、発行されているNFTの多くはユーティリティがありません。その為、多くのNFTはコミュニティが衰退した場合、価値はなくなる可能性が高いと考えています。また、ユーティリティがあるNFTでもサービスが終了した場合、価値は下落する可能性が高いです。NFTWarsはホワイトリスト形式で、マルチチェーンのNFTで遊ぶことができるplay to earnのカードゲームです。あなたが持っている全てのNFTで遊べる世界を目指します
②NFTクリエイターへの持続的な収益還元の実現 NFT Warsでは、「NFTクリエイター・プロジェクトへの持続的な収益還元」目指します。
NFT Warsでは、NFTを所有したユーザーがゲームをプレイしPlay to Earnで報酬を獲得するたびに、NFTプロジェクトにもPlay to Earn報酬を還元します。これにより、NFTホルダーが二次流通をしなくても、持続的にNFTクリエイターに収益を還元できるモデルを構築します。


  • Multi-chain (EVM) support
  • Automated card generation and display from NFT data (※ Does not affect the original NFT)
  • Status gacha implementation within a specific range

Parameters determined by fixed random elements

  • Parameter preparation is unnecessary for the project side
  • Card illustrations are composited by NFT Wars, so there is no need to prepare them separately
The battle is a simple one-on-one turn-based game, achieve victory by reducing the opponent leader's life points to zero.
Quick decisions are optimal within the short time frame of 30 seconds per turn.


NFTWars Ecosystem

TCGVerse Ecosystem

$TCGC Overview

TCGC is the underlying token of TCGVerse Governance of TCGVerse, Governance in game on TCGVerse, Can be used in game. TCGC is a token issued by BOBG ltd.
$TCGC はTCGVerseの基盤となるトークンです。TCGVerseのガバナンス、TCGVerse上のゲームでのガバナンス、ゲーム内での使用が可能です。TCGCはBOBG ltd.が発行するトークンです。

TCGC Overview

TCGVerse white paper