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また、NFTを所有したユーザーがゲームをプレイしPlay to Earnで報酬を獲得するたびに、NFTプロジェクトにもPlay to Earn報酬を還元する仕組みモデルを構築します。 これにより、NFTホルダーが二次流通をしなくても、持続的にNFTクリエイターに収益を還元できるようになります。 ※クリエイターへの還元機能は現在開発途中です

NFTWars aims to increase the value of each project's NFT and provide a sustainable revenue return to NFT creators. Currently, NFT projects can only earn revenue from secondary distribution fees when primary sales are completed. On the other hand, for NFT for fans of content, repeated speculative resale is not desirable for either the fans or the project. Therefore, fan-oriented NFT projects need to build a revenue source other than secondary distribution commissions. NFTWars aims to increase the value of NFT by providing utility to each project's NFT. We will also work to boost the community through support of competitions for each project. In addition, NFTWars will establish a model in which Play to Earn rewards will be returned to NFT projects whenever users who own NFTs play games and earn rewards through Play to Earn. This will enable NFT holders to continuously return revenue to NFT creators without secondary distribution. (*The function for returning rewards to creators is currently under development.

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