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様々なタイトルのNFTカードを自由に組み込んで、自分だけのデッキを作ることができます。 デッキの枚数は15枚です。

You can choose from multiple battle modes to play with your deck. You can play against unspecified opponents in search of strong enemies, or you can schedule and play against acquaintances.

Free battle

This mode matches with unspecified opponents. Players' abilities are divided by rate, and players with closer rates are easier to match. The rate will increase or decrease depending on the outcome of the battle.

Custom match

You can battle with a specific player. A room number is generated when you create a room. You give the number to the opponent player, and when the opponent player enters the number, it matches.

Prepare for battle:Deck Edit

You can freely incorporate NFT cards from various titles to create your own deck.

Basic information

  • Total number of decks: 15

How to edit your deck

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