Frequently asked questions about NFT Wars and TCGC are posted here.

▼Token economy

・What are the types of tokens?

There is only one type. It is challenging to maintain the value of both if you decide to release two types. We do not want to temporarily pump up or crash the reward tokens, as those will dilute their value.

・Is the token’s chain on MATIC chain?

It is currently on MATIC, but we really want to put them on OASYS chain.

・What is the token’s method of acquisition?・What is the allocation? ・Will listing be on DEX or CEX?

Light paper. There is already a pool on the DEX. FT is all about liquidity, so we want to add a scale pool somewhere or have it yield-farming.

・How does "play to earn" work? ・Is the number of tokens that can be obtained in battle constant, or will it increase according to the number of users?

It is basically gameplay rewards + ranking rewards for competitions, etc.

・ Is there any change in the amount of earnable tokens depending on the amount of NFTs you have? ・Will the TAV be different for each NFT? ・Will the amount of tokens given increases according to the level of the NFT?

It depends on the amount of TCGC staked or burned in the NFT.

・Is there a limit to the number of tokens I can get per day?

not decided

・How does burning work? Where can I spend my tokens?

not decided

・How will the return to the NFT project be made?

NFT projects’ contracts will be capable of withdrawing TCGC.

・Will there be anything similar to the scholar system?

The management will not prepare it, please prepare it by yourself. We have invested in YGG JAPAN. Also, we are planning to invest in an African game guild, although it has not been announced yet.

・How do you plan to make it a sustainable system?

TCGC is designed to be released gradually over 10 years. Like Bitcoin, it will be established by gradually raising the price. L Dappstaking and staking fees from CryptoSpells’ sales will go towards server expenses.

・How does burning work? ・How will the card status increase after leveling up?

∙ Will there be a token burn when cards become available in the game? L We plan to have none at this time. The priority right now is to widen the window of access for new users.

∙ What about airdrops of tokens in the future? L Currently, giveaway tokens by lottery. L Airdrops to guild stockholders

▼ Chain

▪ Will other games also use TCGC? What about the gas fee needed by the player for certain NFTs?

TCGC is not a native token, so it does not require gas fees.

▪ What NFTs can be referenced, EVM-compatible chains?

Compatible order: OASYS > Polygon >ETH L EVM compatible chains planned

▪ How to attract overseas products to the chain, what incentives and titles are you targeting for now?

We are looking at compatible games that can be used without being on the TCGVerse chain.

▪ Target number of future games on the Verse?

CryptoGames expects to release one new game per year.


・Asking for a detailed description of gameplay

Same turn-based card game as CryptoSpells

・What are the victory conditions?

Reduce life to 0 or exhaust the card deck to 0 cards.

・How many cards are in one deck?

15 cards

・Turn-based? What is the time limit? L

Turn-based, 30 seconds limit. It is similar to CryptoSpells; however, we might modify it based on players’ responses.

・What are the card effects?

We are assuming that it will be the same as in CryptoSpells.

・How will the strength of the cards be determined?

It is random and is determined within a specific range. It is based on the mechanism of CryptoSpells. The status and parameters remain the same even if ownership is transferred.

・Is it possible to aim to create a strong card?

It is tough to define a “strong card”. In a TCG, what matters most is how you use the card. Depending on that, a card with low parameters can still be considered strong. The allocation of stats (attack power, strength) and generated abilities are determined by a certain probability.

・How do the abilities change as the level of the card increases?

① Ability is given or enhanced: e.g., Iron Wall 1 -> Iron Wall 2

② Parameters are enhanced: 2/2 -> 3/3, etc.

・Is there a race distinction, etc.?

No, there is not. The five colors of civilizations will replace the race system, and there will be abilities targeting certain civilizations, such as: "Enhance red civilization".

・Will there be cards given from the start?

Yes. The game can be played without paying.

・What games are you referencing from?

(just a little bit) of improvement comes from Splinterland.

・Preventive measures against having multiple accounts?

Same measures as in CryptoSpells, but we make it not economically rational to have multiple accounts. For example, Rewards are paid according to TAV, so it is more efficient to play with just one account rather than playing with multiple accounts, etc.

▪ Where do transactions occur during play?

Basically, no occurrence of transactions during gameplay. However, there is a possibility of getting on the OASYS chain on the backside. Occurrence points: Out-game activities such as FT burn / claim, governance, etc.

▪ Are there any plan to support CryptoSpells S cards?

It is currently neither decided nor disclosed. However, since we will target CryptoSpells’s NFT, we would also like to target S cards.


・Which projects will be added first?

My Crypto Heroes on OASYS, after CryptoSpells. We might increase support on projects on OASYS

・Will you be able to connect the wallet? ・What happens if I use different wallets?

Wallet connect possible. One wallet, one user

・When is the white paper? ・What is the progress of development? ・When will it be released? ・How do you plan to market the game? ・Are there any benchmark games (Galaxy Fight Club)?

Marketing the information that new NFT projects will be added via OASYS.

FAQ about game play of battle part is below

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