NFTs of various titles you have will be transformed into cards that can be used in this game. All NFTs are given random parameters according to the prescribed logic at the timing of becoming a card, and no one is the same NFT. In addition, the game has card enhancements that allow you to enhance your own NFT to create a stronger deck.

How to read the information on the card

① Cost
The number in the circle on the upper left shows the cost of the card. When using a card in battle, you will be required to pay the same mana cost as this number.
② Game Title
The emblem directly below the cost display indicates which game's NFT it is.
③ Civilization Color
The color of the card frame represents the civilization to which the card belongs. Civilizations are color coded in red, blue, green, white and black. A gray frame indicates that the card is neutral.
④ Static Ability
The mark surrounded by ◇ indicates Static Ability. Static Ability has various abilities such as Rapid, Frontline, Flying and so on.
⑤ Triggered Ability
The mark surrounded by ▢ indicates Triggered Ability. Triggerd Abilitiy is an ability that activates when a unit is summoned or when the unit dies.
⑥ Attack
The number at the bottom left of the card represents the Attack number. The unit deals damage according to the attack value when fighting with the opponent character.
⑦ Health
The number at the bottom left of the card represents the Health number. The unit loses Health when it fights with the opponent character and takes damage. When the Health value reaches 0, the unit will be destroyed.

Power up Cards

You can power up your cards in this game. By powering up, you will be able to add high status cards to your deck from the beginning. Power-ups will be possible using TCGC.
Please wait for the details of the power-up system to be released.