Battle FAQ

This page answers frequently asked questions about card abilities, battle specifications and battle rules. The FAQ about the TCGC ecosystem is on a separate page.

Q: In CryptoSpells, there is a card called Cryptospell that will be added to your hand at the beginning of the battle, but what about this game?

A: There is no equivalent card for cryptospell in this game. We want to make a game with simpler rules than CryptoSpells.

Q: When the Card's Static Ability and Triggered Ability are activated at the same time, in what order do they activate?

A: Triggered Ability will be activated first.

Q: When two or more units with abilities that activate at the time of death are destroyed at the same time, which ability will be activated first?

A: It will be activated in order from the ability of the last dead unit. If another unit is destroyed during the processing of Triggered Ability, it will be activated from the Ability of the last destroyed unit. For example, if unit A and unit B are destroyed at the same time and then the unit is destroyed by the ability of unit B, the ability of unit C will be activated with priority.