Battle Rule

The battle is a simple one-on-one turn system, and if the life point of the opponent's leader is set to 0, you win. Quick judgment is required within the short time of 30 seconds per turn.

Basic battle rule

  • 1 turn time: 30 seconds
  • Number of decks: 15
  • Initial hand: 3 cards
  • Hand limit: 7 cards
  • Leader LP: Initial value 20, Maximum value 20
  • Initial MP: 1
  • Empty MP limit: 10
  • Field unit limit: 3
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Battle flow

The battle is turn-based. In the battle, your leader and the opponent leader are placed one by one, and you win by setting the LP of the opponent leader to 0. Conversely, when your leader's LP reaches 0, you are defeated.
When the battle begins, the player is initially given three cards. You can choose to return your first hand to the deck only once and redraw it. This system is called a mulligan.
At the beginning of the turn, your Empty MP will increase by 1 and your mana will recover to the value of Empty MP. Then draw a card from your deck. You pay mana to use the card and fight for your opponent's leader to have 0 health.
The second player gets a "Mana Crystal" during the first turn draw. "Mana Crystal" is a 0-cost card that increases your current MP by 1.
The turns alternate until one of the players wins, but if you try to draw a card with 0 cards left, the player loses.

Battle term

Unit It is an essential existence in battle. You can take out units by using cards from your hand. Units cannot attack due to summoning sickness during the turn they come into play, but they will be able to attack from the next turn.
Leader It is the existence that determines the outcome of the battle. The leader has an LP, and when this value reaches 0, you lose the battle.
Character Both the leader and the unit are collectively called a character.
MP(Mana Point) When using a card from your hand, you have to pay mana as a cost. At the beginning of the battle, the player can use 1 mana. At the beginning of the player's turn, Empty Mana is increased by 1 and mana is restored to the value of Empty Mana. Empty Mana increases to 10 and does not increase any more.
Deck At the beginning of the turn, each player draws a card from the deck. The cards to draw are randomly selected from the remaining decks. If you try to draw a card when your remaining deck is 0, you are defeated.
Graveyard Destroyed units are sent to the graveyard. You can check the current location of the graveyard during the battle.